What Do We Do?

METU Students

As the main beneficiary, students will benefit from Z-Garage and the types of activities/training they will participate in will be shaped according to their development.

METU Student Communities

Two of the managers of entrepreneurship programs in the communities working on entrepreneurship will be members of the Advisory Board of the structure to be established under the name of METU Z-Garage entrepreneurship ecosystem. These members will meet once a month and plan their entrepreneurship activities at METU. These plans will be reported every month and the required space requirement will be met by Z-Garage. For these events, communities will forward their Metu Teknokent sponsorship requests to Z-Garage. Thus, all communities will use Z-Garage more efficiently, feeling that they are within this ecosystem.

Lecturers and Mentors

Instructors and mentors are among the most important elements for the beneficiary group in order to gain the right competencies for the right students.

METU Institutions

METU Technopolis, METU TTO, Growth Circuit

Z-Garage programs and contents, which have been established to create the infrastructure of Metu institutions as a potential output, will be able to make changes to the needs of organizations within the year.